1pcs 52cm  Winter Ice Fishing Rod
1pcs 52cm  Winter Ice Fishing Rod

1pcs 52cm Winter Ice Fishing Rod

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Gun handle design, ergonomic design, play a role in non-slip, hand grip more comfortable. Both ends of the handle with the foam material, grip with the foam material, non-slip and absorb sweat grip make you feel comfortable.

Handle and rod head inserted place is metal material design, durable, more robust insertion, to ensure that the rod will not be off-running fish when get the big fish.

Guide ring is silicon carbide ring, stainless steel support legs, rejection of heat is fast, low friction coefficient, not to hurt the line, there will be no disconnection.

Ice fishing rod exquisite rod head design, the guide eye use thread design, so that the guide eye is more solid, the rod head more tough.

Exquisite wheel seat, can be a good fixed wheel, will not appear to cause the phenomenon of running fish.

1 x Ice Fishing Rod

1 x PE bag